2319 Roosevelt St. Clinton, IA             Pamela J Harrington, Owner/Instructor
Classes for a gentle and beginner experience:

Chair-ish Yoga /  Wed 10am

Restorative Yoga /  Wed 4:30 & 5:30pm.  Sat 10am

What to expect? A slower pace of yoga so you can breathe deeply and move  in and out of poses thoughtfully. Comfort is a must!
Classes for an expandiing yoga experience. Also a great pace for beginners.

Hatha Yoga / Mon & Fri 9am. Traditional Yoga
Intro to Hot Yoga / Mon 4:30pm. The heat is on!

Drop In Yoga / Tues 4:30pm to 6. Enter & exit quietly on the half hour. Intervals of flow & Savasana

Aerial Yoga / Wed 6:30pm. A fun class using yoga poses in fabric.

​What to expect? Traditional yoga poses with longer holds or flowing movement. We work on traditional breathing techniques and deeper body connections.
Classes for 
participants with some yoga experience or who are ready for variety . 

Hot Yoga / Mon & Thurs 5:30pm

Power Yoga / Sat 8:45am. 

What to expect? More heat and flow, strong poses, breathing and challenging sequencing. Bring water and a towel.